Hospice Elder Care in Allentown PAEven as your senior nears the end of her life, you might be able to feel as connected as ever to her. The key is using the tools you have in a way that she’s able to appreciate as well.

There’s No Real Right or Wrong

When you’re trying to maintain a connection to your senior at the end of her life, there’s not really a blueprint for any of it. Use what you have and what she enjoys to help to maintain that connection. That might mean that you’re reading to her or that she’s telling you all those favorite family stories one more time. It might also mean that she wants everyone loud and celebrating.

Light Touches Help to Form Connections

Gentle touches can help to remind your senior that you’re right there with her. This is especially helpful if she drifts off frequently or if she wakes in a confused state. Remember also that if your aging family member is hard of hearing, touching her gently can help to capture her attention.

Try Just Talking to Her

Lots of times family members try to make these end-of-life connections more complicated than they really have to be. One of the easiest ways to connect is simply to talk to her. You can talk about topics that she has enjoyed in the past or you can just talk about whatever springs to mind. Hearing your voice is the powerful part of this technique.

If She Can Talk, Listen

Very often aging family members who are nearing death aren’t able to communicate, but some are. If your senior is still talking, make sure you’re paying attention. She might seem to be rambling, but there’s likely a reason for what she’s telling you. She’s making the effort to reach out to you.

Go with the Flow of What She Seems to Need

Ultimately, the best option for you to use is whatever your senior seems to need. If she’s responding to a specific pattern of activities, then you might not need to worry about changing anything. What matters is that you feel as if you’re doing all you can to maintain that connected feeling.

If you’re still having a difficult time with that feeling of connection, hospice care providers might be able to help you to adjust what you’re doing. There might be subtle cues from your family member that you’re missing and their experience can help you to see those signs.

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