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Sometimes in life we are faced with situations where there are no simple solutions, only balanced and wise choices. When someone is struggling with terminal illness, they need to decide, along with family members who are assisting them, the approach that they feel is truly in their best interests.

Hospice care reflects an instinctive and basic human conviction: An individual dealing with a life-limiting illness should be made as comfortable and peaceful as possible, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. On a practical level, this involves a strong emphasis on alleviating pain and symptoms, fostering a state of calmness and harmony, and encouraging an appreciation of family, friends, and life experiences.

Providing this type of care, comfort, and supportive services is often beyond the capacity of even the most devoted families. It requires the coordinated efforts of individuals with different areas of expertise: medical professionals and caregivers specializing in pain management; aides to assist in activities of daily living; dietary personnel; specially trained and experienced social workers; chaplain or clergy members; and of course, the active involvement of family members themselves.