Most people are familiar with the term Hospice, but there are many misconceptions out there about what it really is, what kind of services can be provided, and who qualifies for it. Here we will do an overview on Hospice to help you have a better understanding of this program which is available for many receiving elderly care at home.

Hospice care is designed to support a multitude of aspects of a person’s life stage; connecting with family & cultivating meaningful relationships in a deeper and more intentional way, pinpointing one’s legacy, and realizing any end of life goals. Some may wish to create plans such as getting their financial affairs in order.

Hospice is not just for the elderly, it’s for the entire family. For some aging seniors in ill health, it can be hard for family members to witness their loved one’s health rapidly decline, or to understand and interpret what may be happening to them. Hospice caregivers can help understand the body language of a person who can no longer speak, and use tangible health signals, such as vital signs, to help family members have a better idea of the time they have left with a loved one.

They bring supplies that your loved one in elderly care may need and tailor their care to their specific needs and the needs and requests of the family to assist in making everyone as comfortable as possible. They will usually check on your loved one once a day and are available by phone 24 hours a day, all year long.

Misconceptions about this end-of-life service abound, and unfortunately many who might benefit from hospice care don’t sign up until the very end of their lives. About a third of hospice users enroll for less than a week, and the median time is 18 days.

Here are some of the functions that Hospice Care can provide:

  • Chaplain and spiritual services
  • Social work and counseling
  • Medications for pain and ailments
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Dietary advice
  • Counseling for your loved ones

Some family members of seniors in elderly care might worry that choosing a Hospice care program means that everyone is giving up or that their loved ones won’t receive proper medical care or support. Quality of life is the main focus of Hospice care however, and the team will work with you and your senior family member to ensure that only the best and most compassionate care is given at all times.

Hospice care doesn’t have to be a permanent choice and can be ended at any time should you or your loved one change their mind or if they have a change in medical status and get better unexpectedly. You will always have the option of returning to the program at a later time should things change.

If you or your loved one are unsure about what hospice can offer to your family, or if they qualify, reach out to a Hospice Care provider and ask questions to see if it is the right fit.


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