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The hospice service that you choose can make all the difference in the world. Caregivers must be empathetic and especially sensitive to the needs of those in end-stages and their families. Yet, they must also be able to impart strength and encouragement, while promoting acceptance, hope, and a sense of peace. And they must truly address the full range of patients’ and families’ physical, emotional, and psycho-social needs.

That's The Serenity Difference!
Our team is carefully selected for their exceptional understanding, compassion, and demeanor. They are passionate about their sense of mission: to bring comfort and relief to families under their care, and to treat patients with dignity and love. And they are dedicated to help make a tough situation bearable. Whether it’s administering medication, taking a peaceful stroll together, bathing a patient, laughing over a funny video, or just holding a hand at bedside, our caregivers are there for you. They understand the emotional roller coaster that patients and families are going through. And they’ll be with you every step of the way.

At Serenity Hospice Care, we know that no two patients or family dynamics are exactly alike. Different people have different levels of tolerance to pain; different emotional reactions and ways of coping; different cultural sensitivities; different outlooks and religious perspectives on life and death. So every person is treated according to their own individuality, with tailor-designed plans for care, treatment, counseling, and spiritual support.

Mission Statement
The Serenity Hospice Care goal is to provide end-of-life care and supportive services for patients and their families, and to enhance their quality of life. Our hospice team is dedicated to promoting a state of serenity of mind, body and soul for our patients and their families by collaborating with families to provide quality and compassionate hospice care.