It’s never easy to face the end of your senior’s life, even if she’s experienced a great many challenges to her health along the way. You may find that you’re at a stage where comfort is more important than anything else and that can mean shifting how you look at her overall care plan.

Health Issues Are Worsening

Eventually chronic health issues are going to get much worse. Your senior may find that the ways in which her health has changed are just too difficult to try to manage in the ways that she’s been managing them. This might mean that she focuses on being comfortable at home rather than spending a lot of time in hospitals and in doctor’s offices, which can be understandable.

She Wants to Stop Curative Treatments

One of the ways that your senior might opt to change how she’s addressing her health issues is to stop curative treatments. This might mean that certain medications or procedures are ones that she no longer wants to devote time and energy to. She can opt back into them later if she feels that curative treatments might do her some good, but very often these types of therapies are much harder on her body and they can be mentally exhausting, too.

Her Quality of Life Isn’t Where You or She Want It

Your senior’s quality of life is the main gauge you both need to use as she nears the end of her life. Invasive and complicated treatments often affect her quality of life, leaving your senior feeling as if she’s not spending the time that she has left in the way that she wants to spend it. If she’s still able to talk about it, make sure that you and your senior discuss what she wants and expects from the time that she has left.

Activities of Daily Living Are Seriously Hampered

Normal activities of daily living are usually more complex by the time your senior is nearing the end of her life, but you might find that the situation is worsening quickly. End-of-life care providers can help your elderly family member to manage these tasks in a way that preserves dignity and ensures that she’s safe.

Comfort care is a really important aspect of your senior’s end-of-life treatment. It’s not curative, but it does help to ensure that she’s able to experience the best possible situation as she nears the end of her life as she possibly can.

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