Elder Care in Bensalem PAAs a caregiver, you most likely try to give and give. Unfortunately, that can mean that occasionally you’re giving all that you have and more. Eventually you might be running short on the resources you need for yourself.

How Are Your Moods?

Your feelings and your moods are a great test for how you’re doing as a caregiver. They’re a way to take your psychological temperature, making sure that you’re doing as well as you should be. If you’re noticing that your moods are all over the place or are primarily negative, that might mean that you’re not taking care of yourself as well as you need to.

Are You Remembering to Eat?

The food that you eat is more than just tasty or something that stops your stomach from growling. It’s the fuel that your body relies on to get all the things done that you demand of it. If you’re forgetting to eat or, almost worse, you’re only eating junk food, then it’s going to be more and more difficult for you to be the kind of caregiver you want to be.

Do You Have Aches and Pains You Can’t Account For?

When you’re not getting sleep and you’re ignoring the signs your body sends you, aches and pains are going to be far more common. You might even find that you’re experiencing worse health overall, like having colds more often when normally you’re able to resist them. Getting all that you need in terms of rest, food, and other needs allows your immune system to keep up with all that it has to do. If you’re not, your body will find creative ways to get your attention.

Do You Feel as if You Never Get Anything Done?

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s tough to get much done that you need to do. In fact, you might feel as if you’re constantly running backwards and your task list grows instead of shrinking. It might be tough for you to stay focused on what needs doing, as well. All of this can be an indication that you’re having a tougher time with caregiving than you realized.

These signs can be an indication that you need extra help at the very least. Senior care providers can lighten your task load and handle a variety of other tasks for your senior as well. From there you can start to get a better grip on what you really need most.

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