Palliative Care in Bensalem PA: What Does Your Loved One Need Most after a Terminal Diagnosis?

Palliative Care in Bensalem PA: What Does Your Loved One Need Most after a Terminal Diagnosis?

Hearing that your loved one has received a terminal diagnosis can be devastating for everyone involved. Having palliative care providers on hand can ensure that you’re not floundering during this difficult time.

Liaisons Who Can Work with Her Medical Team

You’re the primary liaison with your loved one’s medical team and it’s likely that has been the case for quite some time already. In the case of dealing with a terminal diagnosis, however, having experienced care providers who can help you to manage your loved one’s changing medical needs brings you through a difficult time much more easily.

Help Lining up Additional Resources

When you first started caregiving, it’s likely that you didn’t know where to turn for the right resources. As your loved one moved into various stages in her health, you’ve found a variety of different resources to help. Now, in this new stage, you’ll need even more connections to help. End-of-life care teams can help you to find exactly the help that you need for specific situations.

Bereavement Support

Everyone in the family is suddenly realizing that your loved one doesn’t have much time left. This can inspire anticipatory grief, which is the type of grief that shows up before your loved one has even passed away. This grief can be just as crippling as other types of grief, so learning to manage it appropriately can help you and your family to be as present as possible for your loved one in the time she has left.

Respite Care for the Family

Respite time is always important for family caregivers, but it’s even more important now. You might feel as if you should be spending every moment with your loved one. That can be exhausting, however, and you still need time to maintain your own self-care support. Knowing that there’s someone with your loved one who can handle anything that pops up can help you to fully rest when you’re away.

Having the right level of help when you need it makes a big difference for both you and your loved one. You’ll be in a better position to be able to deal with the emotions that come with this stage of caregiving.

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