End-of-Life Care in West Chester PA: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering End-of-life Care

For some family caregivers, deciding to work with end-of-life care providers is a difficult decision. Some of these questions can help you to figure out the best course of action for you and your loved one.

Are You Able to Turn and Lift Your Loved One?

In the earlier stages of your loved one’s illness, she’s probably able to help you to lift her and help her out of bed or a chair. As she ages and her health becomes worse, she may not be able to participate as much. Likewise, after quite a bit of time exerting yourself physically, you may discover that you’ve got some injuries and health issues that keep you from being as effective in this area as you’d like.

Do You Need Extra Transportation Help?

Along with having difficulty assisting your loved one at home, you may run into trouble transporting her to places you need to go. Managing a wheelchair or other equipment can be extremely difficult on your own. With some extra help, you know that you’ve got everything covered.

Is Caring for Your Loved One Emotionally Overwhelming?

Another aspect to consider is that you may find your loved one’s worsening health overwhelming to deal with on an emotional level. That’s not a failing on your part as a family caregiver. It simply means that you love your loved one and caregiving is really difficult at times.

Are Other Responsibilities Falling by the Wayside?

Being a family caregiver to a loved one with a terminal illness doesn’t mean that the rest of your life pauses so that you can manage your loved one’s concerns. If it did, many family caregivers would have the time that they need to juggle all of their responsibilities equally. Having end-of-life care providers available assures you that your loved one has the care that she needs while you take care of other responsibilities.

Does Your Loved One Want to Stay at Home?

Your loved one may have also shared with you that she wants to be at home rather than at a hospital or some other facility. If that’s the case, you’re going to have instances that are difficult for you to manage on your own. With the right help, however, you can manage quite a bit more than you expect.

End-of-life care providers can remove so much of the pressure on you as your loved one’s caregiver, enabling you to enjoy what time you have left together.

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