Hospice Elder Care in Bethlehem PA: What Can You Say to Someone Who Is Dying?

Hospice Elder Care in Bethlehem PA: What Can You Say to Someone Who Is Dying?

It’s so difficult for many people to talk to their family member who is passing away. The good news is that the conversation doesn’t have to be complicated or deep. Go with what feels right to you or let your elderly family member lead the way.

Express Your Warm Feelings

Some people find it difficult to open up about their warmer feelings. If that describes you, then now is a perfect time to let your family member know that you love her. The finality of the process of dying can be especially cathartic for these types of conversations.

Let Her Know She Made a Difference

If you’ve already been pretty open about your warmer feelings toward your family member, then it might be time to let her know what kind of difference she’s made to you and to others. So many people accomplish so much, but don’t realize just how influential they have been in the lives of others. Now is definitely the time to share these types of stories.

Share Favorite Memories

Laughing and sharing favorite memories is a happy way to remember your family member later. Some of these stories may be ones that you only tell when you’re around this particular family member. Find a way to record these memories, either with audio or video, so that you can keep them for years to come.

Clear the Air

Not all situations are full of good times only, though. There might be something that you’ve been holding off talking to your elderly family member about because you don’t want to be negative. But in some cases, this is the perfect time to get that last grievance off your chest. Your family member may have wanted to say a few things about the beef, too.

Let Her Guide the Conversation

If you’re still not sure what exactly to say to your family member as she passes away, let her guide the conversation. You might feel as if there’s no rhyme or reason to the path she takes you on, but you might be able to see later the significance of some of the topics he wants to discuss.

Grief is complicated and so are the many ways in which humans respond to grief. Hospice elder care providers offer a helping hand with the practical considerations of your elderly family member’s passing, but they can help you grieve, too. They can offer you connections to grief support specialists who can start working with you before your family member passes away.

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