End-of-Life Care in Yardley PA: Four Important Things to Know about End-of-life Care

End-of-Life Care in Yardley PA: Four Important Things to Know about End-of-life Care

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the care that your family member might want and need at the end of her life. Depending on the types of health issues she’s faced and the prognosis of those health concerns, she may have decided to slow down some of the medical interventions she’s embraced in the past. That doesn’t necessarily have to be bad news.

It Means More Help Is Available

Lots of people believe that moving to end-of-life care is a way to give up and that it means less support and help for their family member. The reality is, though, that end-of-life care offers a greater level of support for you as the caregiver and for everyone else involved in the situation. That care can be targeted to your family member’s needs, even as they change.

End-of-life Care Offers a Variety of Options

This type of care isn’t just about helping with bathing or other necessary tasks. End-of-life support can also be about ensuring that the treatments your family member wants are the ones that she’s getting. She may no longer want to try curative treatments, but that doesn’t mean that she has to be uncomfortable or in pain.

Support Is Physical and Emotional

But it’s not just about medical treatments. This type of care is not just physical, but it can also be emotional as well. Family members are facing grief and an outcome that they know is on its way. End-of-life care providers can put you and other family members in touch with grief counselors, with therapists, and with other support professionals who can help to manage the full range of what’s happening.

This Isn’t about Dying

Even though it’s called end-of-life care, the focus isn’t solely on your family member’s imminent death. The focus is on helping her to have the best quality of life possible right now. The process of dying is one that can take far longer than you might expect and once someone determines that they don’t want to focus on curative therapies, they may be able to enjoy the remainder of their life stress-free. End-of-life care can help them to do that while helping you to be the best support possible as a family caregiver.

End-of-life care offers so many options for care during this tumultuous time in your family member’s life. It can also help you and other family members to be more present in a time that can be very distracting for all of you.

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