Hospice Care in Easton PA: Maintaining a Relationship with Your Elderly Loved One Near the End of Her Life

Hospice Care in Easton PA: Maintaining a Relationship with Your Elderly Loved One Near the End of Her Life

As your elderly loved one nears the end of her life, it can be difficult for you to stay as connected with her as you’d like. You may not be getting the feedback from her that you’re used to and that can be painful. Try some of these ideas to maintain that connection.

Stay Calm and Present

Your emotions are likely to run the gamut during this time and that’s okay. For your loved one’s sake, however, do what you can to stay calm when you’re with her. Also, stay as present as you can. Engaging in other activities, such as work you need to catch up on, can make sense, but it takes you away from the moment you’re in. Make it a point to spend time with your loved one and focus on her.

Read to Your Loved One

Often at this point your loved one may not seem as responsive as she has before, so it can be difficult to know what to do. You can watch favorite television shows or movies together, but that may not reassure your loved one as much as reading to her can. When you read to your loved one, it’s not so much about what you’re reading, but there’s the sound of your voice and the fact that she knows you’re right there. It can be a terrific way to stay present, too.

Touch Your Loved One Often

Touch is powerful for anyone, but especially for your elderly loved one. While you’re with her, touch her gently on the hand or place your arm around her. Touch helps to cement her into the here and now and focus on your voice and your presence. It can also be soothing for you.

Take Time for You When You Need It

This time can be incredibly trying for you as your loved one’s caregiver. You’re going to need time to cope and time to deal with your feelings so that you can be there for your loved one. This is when having elder care providers available during this end-of-life time can be the most helpful. You’ll know that your loved one is in excellent hand while you take the time that you need.

Maintaining that connection with your elderly loved one is less complicated than it seems. Relax and let yourself enjoy the time that you have left together.

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