End-of-Life Care in Easton PA: What Should You and Your Senior Know about End-of-life Care?

End-of-Life Care in Easton PA: What Should You and Your Senior Know about End-of-life Care?

Dealing with the end of a life is complicated business. There’s a lot that your elderly family member might have wanted to do still and she probably wanted more time with everyone that she loves. But facing those issues head-on sometimes means finding end-of-life solutions that work within what she wants.

She Doesn’t Have to Go Anywhere if She Doesn’t Want To

Often people think that when they sign up for any kind of end-of-life care that means that they have to go to the hospital or to a nursing home. The reality is that your senior can opt for care at home if that’s what she truly wants. She doesn’t have to go anywhere at all if that’s not what she wants to do. This is about keeping her comfortable and happy.

She’s Not Giving up on Life

Another misconception about any sort of care at the end of life is that opting for some types of care might mean that your senior or you are giving up on her. That’s not the case at all. Your elderly family member may opt to discontinue curative treatments if it’s obvious that she’s not experiencing the results that she wants from those types of treatments. And often those therapies take a lot out of her when she needs her energy elsewhere.

She May Have More Medical Help than She Expects

You and your senior both may be shocked at the amount of help that she can receive, though, even if she doesn’t want curative therapies. Your senior doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or dealing with symptoms that upset her. There are often other treatments and solutions that aren’t invasive and that can help her to get the results she wants

She’s Still Able to Make Decisions about Her Care

Opting for end-of-life care doesn’t mean that your senior is abdicating her decisions to someone else, either. If she’s still able and willing to make decisions about her care, she can definitely still do so. She may want help from you or from other family members to help make sure that her wishes are followed through on the way that she wants.

End-of-life care is primarily about keeping your senior as comfortable as possible with the time that she has left. That might mean different things for her at different points on her journey, too. End-of-life care can help you, too, especially when you need to take a break.

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