Palliative Care in Philadelphia PA: When Is Palliative Care the Right Choice for Your Loved One?

Palliative Care in Philadelphia PA: When Is Palliative Care the Right Choice for Your Loved One?

You, your elderly parent, and her medical team may all want to decide together when it’s right to accept the extra help that palliative care provides. What tends to happen more often, however, is that your loved one may want to avoid this type of care because of uncertainty around what it can do for them.

The Focus Is Always on Quality of Life

As with any supportive care, this type of care is always on your loved one’s quality of life. It’s about managing symptoms for them and helping them to feel as well as she possibly can. It’s also not about forcing your parent to give up other treatment options she may want to pursue.

Your Parent Is in Control

All too often, your senior is in situations that leave her feeling as if she doesn’t have a say in what is going on. In some cases, you or her medical team may be forced to make some of these bigger decisions for her. But palliative services are about helping your parent to feel in control of her health and her future.

It Doesn’t Mean This Is the End

One big misconception with palliative care is that it means that your aging parent is giving up or is finished with every form of treatment. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. Most often, loved ones may opt to leave palliative care because they find that they’re able to manage their symptoms on their own or their condition has largely resolved itself. You’re not roped into palliative options for ever and ever.

Family Members Benefit from Palliative Care, Too

It’s not just your senior that benefits from her time with palliative services, however. This type of care offers plenty of emotional support and services that can help you deal with whatever your parent is facing. When you’re able to deal with your own emotions, you can better support your senior loved one. Palliative care offers the respite you need from caregiving so you can gather your emotions and prepare for what’s next.

You and your parent can start and stop palliative care whenever you like to meet your loved one’s needs.

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