Palliative Care in Norristown PA: How Will Palliative Care Benefit You and Your Senior Loved One?

Palliative Care in Norristown PA: How Will Palliative Care Benefit You and Your Senior Loved One?

Every change to your loved one’s health and her care can cause you to feel a bit uneasy. When you first hear about palliative care, the idea may be tempting, but not knowing what to expect might make you hesitate a bit.

Information about Personalizing Your Loved One’s Care

The beauty of this type of care is that it can be completely personalized to meet your loved one’s needs quickly and effectively. Your care providers will go through all of your loved one’s current and future needs as well as her current care plan and suggest changes that can make a tremendous difference for both of you.

Options for Future Treatment

Your loved one’s doctor is concerned about her future treatment, but may not make concrete plans until that time comes closer. With palliative care, you can explore those potential options now and you and your loved one can have more input into those decisions. Your loved one might be interested in referrals to specific specialists, for example, when her condition reaches a certain stage. Those kinds of steps can be put in place now, only to be triggered when your loved one actually needs them.

Additional Resources and Assistance Services

As a family caregiver, you’ve likely already learned that it’s difficult to find all of the community resources and assistance services that you’d like for your loved one. With worsening health comes new challenges for your loved one and you may need the help of different types of agencies and services. You may even be back at the drawing board as far as all of that goes. Palliative care can put you in touch with those resources much faster than you could locate on your own.

Help with Making Decisions

It’s not always easy to make decisions at this stage of your loved one’s care. You may even be at a point where the wishes that you know about can only take you so far. Having a little bit of extra help making those decisions can take some of the pressure off of you and other family members.

Making the right decisions for your loved one’s care can be difficult and complicated, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

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