Hospice Elder Care in Yardley PA: Who Is Involved in Hospice Services for Your Family Member?

Hospice Elder Care in Yardley PA: Who Is Involved in Hospice Services for Your Family Member?

When you and your elderly family member first talk about starting off with hospice, you might only have a vague idea about who else is involved and what it can do for your senior. Understanding more about the different types of providers included can give you a different perspective on what all hospice care can do.

Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists

A common misconception with hospice care is that your family member won’t have true medical care any longer. But that’s not the case. She’ll still work with her doctor and have the help of nurses, pharmacists, and other medical care professionals. Her care may simply be focused less on curative measures than it is on her quality of life.

Hospice Elder Care Providers

Your senior may have less frequent contact with her doctor and more frequent contact with hospice elder care providers. They serve as a liaison between her medical team and both of you. They help to ensure that you and your senior have what you need in order to keep her as comfortable and as content as possible.

Grief Counselors

You and the rest of your family, as well as your senior, are all dealing with grief even though she hasn’t passed away yet. That anticipatory grief can affect everything that you do, so it’s important to start dealing with it as soon as possible. Bereavement counseling can help you, your senior, and other family members to sort through what you’re feeling and find the best ways to deal with those emotions.

Other Professionals

During this phase of your senior’s life, she may need and want a variety of different treatments that require the assistance of many different providers. Massage therapy, physical therapy, and so many other different types of therapies can offer significant benefits. As her situation changes further, some other professionals may be included as a part of your elderly family member’s care team. All of this is coordinated with the help of hospice elder care providers, so it’s easier for you and your senior to have what you need.

Depending on what else your elderly family member needs or wants during this time, she may encounter a variety of other service providers during her time with hospice elder care. The beauty of hospice care is that it allows your senior to experiment a bit with what types of care can provide her with the quality of life that she’s seeking.

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