Hospice Elder Care in West Chester PA: Is Hospice Elder Care Right for Your Family Member?

Among the different options available to your senior near the end of her life might be a type of care called hospice elder care. There are a lot of different reasons to consider this type of care and most of them benefit both your aging adult and you.

Typically Someone Has Only a Short Time to Live

The first indication that someone is ready for hospice elder care is often that they have an illness that is significantly limiting their life. Your elderly family member may be at a stage of her life in which she no longer wants to undergo treatments in hospitals that she feels are ineffective. This type of care allows her to focus on the time that she has left.

There Aren’t Time Limits, However

A common misconception is that your family member needs to have a set amount of time left to live in order to enter into this type of care. While the time she has left is definitely considered, it’s not the final determining factor by any stretch. Your senior may well exceed her doctor’s expectations for her remaining lifespan.

This Type of Care Promotes Quality of Life

Unlike other types of treatments, such as chemotherapy, this type of care focuses not on a cure, but on quality of life. Your senior’s symptoms and the act of managing those symptoms in the best ways possible is a primary focus. All of this helps your senior to relax and to allow you and her elder care providers to do what you need to do.

It Provides Respite Options for You

When your senior is facing a life-ending ailment, it’s difficult to take time away. Each moment could be the moment that something happens and there’s a lot of guilt and anxiety wrapped up in those decisions. Having the option to utilize experienced respite care providers is vital for you. It allows you to be able to deal with how you’re feeling and take the time away that you need to take. Otherwise, you would find yourself in an unending loop and stressed more than you need to be.

Working with hospice elder care providers can make life during this difficult time so much easier for you and for your aging adult. If you’re still not sure whether this type of care is right for your aging adult, talk with her doctor about what recommendations could benefit her the most.

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