Hospice Elder Care in Bethlehem PA: Five Reasons Burnout Is a Problem at the End of Your Senior’s Life

The term burnout describes a condition in which you’ve been burning so much energy as your family member’s caregiver that you’ve run out of fuel completely. Burning out is something you definitely want to avoid, but it can be more difficult toward the end of your senior’s life.

You Want to Do Everything Perfectly

Many family caregivers have a strong desire to make sure that everything is perfect for their elderly family member, especially at the end of her life. This is often a way of trying to maintain control of a situation that is impossible for you to control. It’s also a never-ending task because perfection just cannot be achieved.

Task Lists Just Keep Growing

At the end of your senior’s life, there is simply so much that needs to be done. Household tasks pile up, personal care tasks need doing, and your senior may have highly specialized meal requirements at this stage. Hiring experienced elder care providers gives you that extra bit of help that you need without having to wait for someone to understand what you need.

The Emotional Load Is Heavy

Knowing that someone you love is nearing the end of her life is devastating. There is so much that you need to process on an emotional level. You may find that bereavement therapy and support groups help you to get through this difficult time. Being able to step away at some points can help you to deal with your emotions as they come up.

Other Life Obligations Still Exist

As much as you might want to put the rest of your life on hold, that’s not often possible for most people. You probably still have a job that you need to go to regularly and you may have other family members that need your time and attention. Those additional obligations come with their own unique stressors.

It’s All Just Too Much

When you add everything up, it can all feel as if it’s just too overwhelming for you to deal with by yourself. Hopefully you have other family members who can help to share the load. Elder care providers can help with the more complicated aspects of your loved one’s care at this time, freeing you up to focus on self-care and helping your loved one as much as you can.

Dealing with potential burnout as soon as possible is vital to keeping yourself from having to abandon your caregiving journey too soon. Get the help that you need to deal with any of the issues that are keeping your stress levels too high.

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