Five Tips for Keeping Your Family Member Comfortable at the End of Her Life

Five Tips for Keeping Your Family Member Comfortable at the End of Her Life

The end of your family member’s life can be a difficult time for all of you. It’s not easy to help her to find comfort, so trial and error may be necessary while you find the right solutions for her.

Gently Help Her to Change Positions

Changing positions regularly can help your family member to minimize problems with circulation and can keep bed sores at bay, but it may not be so easy to do. She may be extremely sensitive and finding a comfortable position may not be that easy. Try to help her to change positions every couple of hours at least for best results.

Massage Her Skin and Use Lotion Sparingly

Another way to help your family member to keep her circulation going is through gentle massage. Lotion used in light amounts can help to lubricate her skin as you gently massage. This can help to avoid accidental bruising and other problems.

Keep Her Skin Dry and Clean

After massages and baths, make sure that your family member’s skin is clean and dry. Moist skin can create problems for your family member that she doesn’t want, including bed sores. Keeping her skin dry might mean that in more humid weather you need to change her bedding and her clothing a little more frequently.

Offer Fluids as Often as Possible

Near the end of your family member’s life, she may not be taking in as many fluids as she was in the past. She may be eating far less, too, but fluids are a bigger problem. Try to find some creative ways to offer her more fluids. This might mean offering ice chips, cold gelatin, or even popsicles. The variety might appeal to her and you’ll boost her fluid intake.

Encourage Her to Move, if She Can

If your family member is able to be at least a little mobile, she might benefit from a short walk around the room or to the bathroom. These short bouts of movement can help her to keep the mobility that she has for as long as possible. Make sure that your family member is supported and that she’s not at risk of falling while she’s up.

Working with experienced hospice care providers can help you to stay on top of all of these different situations. Hospice care providers can also help you to spot other ways that you can improve comfort for your family member’s situation.

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