Hospice Care in West Chester PA: What Can You Do for Your Loved One in Hospice Care if You’re Used to Being More Hands-on?

Making the move to hospice care can be a difficult decision at first for both you and your elderly loved one. It’s especially difficult once you realize that as her caregiver, you’re no longer responsible for the same kinds of care you were in the past.

Keep Your Loved One Company

You might be used to running around taking care of your loved one’s many needs, but now you can relax a little bit. What your loved one needs from you most right now is your time and your attention. Read together or watch favorite television programs together. Use touch to let your loved one know that you’re right there for her.

Listen to Your Loved One

Your loved one might choose this time in hospice care to share with you some of her thoughts, fears, or feelings about her life or what is going on right now. Allow her to express whatever she needs to and then simply listen. Your loved one may also want to go over some of the many memories she’s collected over the span of her life. This can even be an excellent time to write down all of those stories that you meant to get on paper at some point.

Stick to Your Loved One’s Plan

Your loved one likely had a solid plan by the time this stage of her care arrived. It’s important to stick to that plan as closely as you can, even if it feels difficult for you at this time. Your loved one had her reasons for developing the care plan that she developed, so it’s vital to honor her wishes as much as possible.

Help Your Loved One Get the Privacy She Needs

End-of-life care can be difficult for everyone involved, including your loved one. There may be times that she needs to preserve her dignity for a short time and that needs to be something that she can count on you to help her with. That privacy can help her to remain comfortable emotionally.

There are no right or wrong answers at this time. It comes down to what your loved one needs and wants.

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