Hospice Care in Upper Darby PA: How Can Hospice Care Providers Help in the Later Stages of Cognitive Disabilities?

Cognitive decline is a difficult issue to cope with as a family caregiver. It’s tough to see your family member changing in front of you and the care that she needs now is challenging, too. As her cognitive abilities continue to decline, hospice care providers can help you to manage these issues.

They Can Handle the Tasks Giving You the Most Stress

On any given day, some tasks may be giving you more stress than others. Other tasks, such as bathing or toileting help, could be consistently stressful for you. Hospice care providers can step in wherever you’re having the most difficulty at any given time. They’re there to give you that helping hand where it’s needed most, even if that varies from day to day.

They Can Offer Companionship to Your Family Member

Some tasks may be ones that you’re more comfortable handling on your own, but that leaves your family member at loose ends. These are the times when you might need hospice team members to offer companionship to your elderly family member while you tend to other matters. This can help you to feel more able to do what you need to do while knowing that your family member is not on her own.

You Can Step Away for a Little Bit

If what you really need is some time away, hospice care providers can do that for you, too. Caregiving is extremely demanding emotionally, mentally, and physically. Any opportunity that you have to spend some time focusing on your needs is vital to take advantage of when you can.

They Can Ensure that Your Senior Is Safe

It’s really difficult to keep up with all of the different ways that your elderly family member might not be as safe as you’d like her to be. Even when you think that you have all the bases covered, there might be one or more situations that could be safer. Having hospice care providers available means that they can do occasional safety sweeps with you to determine what you can do differently in order to help make your family member’s home as safe as possible for her current stage of life.

There is so much that hospice care can do for both you and your family member as her cognitive issues worsen. Work with them to help figure out where your biggest needs lie so that they can put a plan together that helps you the most.

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