Hospice Care in Easton PA: How Can You Provide End-of-Life Comfort When You're Not Sure What to Do?

Hospice Care in Easton PA: How Can You Provide End-of-Life Comfort When You’re Not Sure What to Do?

When you’re not getting the feedback from your elderly loved one that you’re used to, it can be difficult to know how to help her and comfort her. Your loved one’s elder care providers can give you situation-specific advice, too.

Work Around Drowsiness and Confusion

Your loved one might be tired quite often or she might seem to be confused about what day or time it is while you’re talking with her. Try to plan your conversations and activities with your loved one for those times when she’s more likely to be awake and aware. If your loved one is often confused, gently remind her where she is, what day it is, and anything else that might be pertinent for her to know.

Lack of Response from Your Loved One

As your loved one’s health declines, she may become less responsive than she has been in years past. Although your loved one might have difficulty replying to you or might choose not to reply, that doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of what you’re saying to her or what’s going on around her. Talk to her as if it’s a normal day and interaction.

Difficulty Breathing

Many elderly loved ones can have difficulty breathing or might begin to breathe more shallowly at times. Positioning your loved one properly can help to alleviate breathing issues. For some people, lying on their sides can ease breathing. Using pillows and comforters can help to prop your loved one into a comfortable position.

Cold Skin or Extremities

Your loved one might not have good circulation or she might have other issues in maintaining her body temperature. Having plenty of blankets handy can help you to warm your loved one when she needs it and they’re easy for her to discard when she’s feeling warm. Avoid using heating pads or electric blankets because those can burn your loved one inadvertently.

Working with elder care providers who have experience with hospice can also help you quite a bit. They can give you tips that relate to your loved one’s specific situation.

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