Old Handicrafts Are New Again – Why Your Parent Should Give Them a Try

Old Handicrafts Are New Again – Why Your Parent Should Give Them a Try

If you’ve been to a craft fair lately or browsed websites like Etsy or Pinterest, you may have noticed that crochet and macramé are suddenly popular again. Both of these craft forms were big in the 1970s, so if you were a kid or teenager at the time, you may have tried them at one time yourself. And, there’s a good chance your aging relative did, too. In an article recently posted on the AARP website, Dayna Isom Johnson, the trend expert for Etsy, is quoted as saying, “everyone wants to do something with their hands again.” She went on to say, “People are craving that time when you could show off something you made and feel proud.”

If your aging relative enjoys crafting, like crochet or macramé, there are many good reasons for them to pick up an old craft they once did or to learn a new one. Here are just some of the reasons they should give crafting a try.

Crafting May Improve Mental Health

Many health experts say that crafting can help people to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It can also reduce stress. People who craft report forgetting their troubles while they create, losing themselves in the process. It can also help reduce stress and may have effects similar to meditation.

Crafting Could Keep the Brain Young

Although scientists haven’t done a lot of research specifically on how crafting affects the brain, some neuroscientists are making comparisons between crafting and other activities that involve using the brain, like crossword puzzles. They say that there may be similarities between cognitive activities and making crafts that involve many steps and concentration, such as making a quilt.

Crafting Makes People Happy

Aside from the joy people get out of being able to show off something they’ve made or giving a handmade gift, the process itself may produce feelings of happiness. Surveys show that people who knit often feel happier after spending some time knitting.

Crafting Can Build Community

Being a crafter can give your aging relative something to talk to others about and a way to meet new people. There is a whole crafting community out there, both online and in person. Older adults can interact with others who have the same interests and share ideas and tips.

Crafting Could Earn Extra Money

If your aging relative would like a way to earn a little extra money, crafting could be the key. They could sell their handmade items at craft fairs or online.

Senior care can help older adults to get back into crafting or to continue doing a craft they love. Aging eyes may sometimes have difficulty doing things like threading a needle or reading instructions. A senior care provider can assist with both of those things. Senior care providers can also drive elderly people to stores to purchase supplies. A senior care provider can even help older adults to prepare for craft fairs or post their items for sale online.



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