Hospice Care in Allentown PAIf your senior hasn’t made some of the decisions about the end of her life yet, that might be a talk you’ve been having trouble getting her to have. You might need to try some of these ideas to move things along.

Limit the Fear Talk, if You Can

There’s a lot of fear involved in talking about end-of-life decisions. You have your fears around what’s going to happen, but your senior does, too. If you’re leaning a little heavily on your fears or hers, this conversation may fail before it even gets off the ground. You definitely need to acknowledge what she’s uncomfortable about, but if you’re focusing on it too much, that can make everything about this talk heavier than it has to be.

This Is Tough, So Acknowledge That Fact

This is not an easy conversation to have at all. When you can acknowledge that, it’s easier to move past that moment. It’s when you’re both trying to pretend that this is a lightweight conversation that you can get yourselves into a little more trouble. The truth is that end-of-life conversations are not simple or cut and dry. There can be some complicated answers that you need to hash out and that takes time and effort.

Let Her Know You Want to Honor Her Wishes

Something that can help is letting your senior know that you really want to do what she wants. If only you knew what that was. Sometimes aging family members feel as if you should know what they want, but the reality is that this is a big deal and it’s something you need to have spelled out for you in detail. If it’s important to her that you do certain things, she needs to get clear with you about what those details are.

Talk about What You Want at the End of Your Life

You might be able to jump start the conversation with your senior by talking about your own wishes for the end of your life. Let her know what you’re thinking you want to do. This can do one of two things. First, your senior might be surprised at some of your choices and tell you she’d never do that. That can ease you into what she would do instead. The other option is that she might agree with you or at the very least want to learn more about her options. This gives you a chance to explore more.

If you don’t know what your senior wants, there’s no way you’re going to be able to fulfill those wishes. Talking about them is going to be the best way for you to learn what you can do for her. Hospice care providers can help you and your senior to determine what solutions are going to be right for her.

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