Green burials” are an option that more and more people are starting to consider. These types of funerals take environmental considerations into account when doing funeral planning. If your senior is interested in a greener funeral, here are some things to remember.

Why a Greener Burial Is Important

Greener burials look at the typical methods of burial and treat the entire process in a way that is much more ecological overall. Instead of using a lot of chemicals and taking up land in a way that leaves it unusable for other purposes, green funerals can do things like create a new forest or otherwise protect the environment that is being used for the burial. Cremation is often regarded as a much greener option, and yet that too has effects on the environment.

The Process Might Seem the Same, Just More Ecologically Friendly

One reason your senior might have questions about going with greener burial options is that it seems that the entire process might be so different than expected. The best part of going this route, though, is that your aging family member can pick and choose what she wants to go with and what she wants to leave. She doesn’t have to stick with an all or nothing approach.

Different Materials Yield Different Results

Something else to consider is that the materials involved are a little different than they might be in a traditional funeral situation. Instead of using metal and concrete vaults, your senior might opt for an untreated wooden coffin that will be allowed to break down over time. For some this is unsettling, but from a green perspective, this is a desirable outcome. Other options might be burial pods, which include the seeds for a tree.

The Process Might Use Different Solutions

Traditional burials typically involve processes that are full of chemicals, such as embalming. Those chemicals are used to preserve the body, which might be something to consider if there will be a delay in burying your senior. But if she’s considering a greener burial, the idea of using chemicals might not sit as well with her. Embalming and other chemicals aren’t necessary for burial, especially if she’s opting for processes that are much greener than traditional processes.

It’s not always easy for you and for your senior to talk about these processes and concerns. End-of-life care providers can help both of you to navigate this topic and to find the answers that feel right for your senior.

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