End-of-Life Care in Allentown PA: What Does Self-care Look Like for Caregivers at the End of a Loved One's Life?

End-of-Life Care in Allentown PA: What Does Self-care Look Like for Caregivers at the End of a Loved One’s Life?

Lots of what you know about your caregiving journey changes as your senior parent nears the end of her life. How you cope and what your self-care plan requires may need adjusting to continue to work for you. Keep some of these suggestions in mind as you look at what can stay and what can go.

You Don’t Have to Give up Your Self-care Activities

Caring for your elderly loved one means caring for yourself, too, so you probably have a solid routine in place that allows you to manage all of those tasks. When your senior’s health starts to falter, that’s when you need your own self-care plan the most. Giving up those activities doesn’t have to be the answer.

You Might Want to Modify Them

On the other hand, you may need to modify your routine a little bit to accommodate your aging parent’s changing needs. You can start following yoga classes that you stream from the Internet, for example, or meet for coffee with your best friend rather than meeting for lunch. You might start moving activities that require your full attention, such as meditating or praying, for when your loved one’s end-of-life care providers are there.

Avoid Adding New Activities, if Possible

Modifying what you already do is easier than learning and adding new techniques and activities to your already packed day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start adding self-care tools to your arsenal that work for you. Do so with care, however, and with an understanding that something else might have to go.

Stick to Your Self-care Plan

When you’ve been working a self-care plan for a while, it’s an essential part of your coping toolbox. Stick with the plan, even when you’re not feeling up to it. If you deviate from your self-care plan now, you’re more likely to experience difficulty managing added stress in your life. Help yourself stay on target by sticking with what already works for you.

If you don’t already have a self-care practice, it’s not too late to start one, but you’ll need to go slowly so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

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