End-of-Life Care in Bethlehem PA: What Are the Most Important Things to Remember about Grief as a Family Caregiver?

End-of-Life Care in Bethlehem PA: What Are the Most Important Things to Remember about Grief as a Family Caregiver?

Your loved one will experience a good bit of loss during the time that you’re her caregiver. You will, too, especially toward the end of your caregiving journey. Understanding as much as possible about grief and how you can help yourself, other family members, and your loved one is essential.

Grief Can Be a Force for Good

No matter how sad you are right now about whatever is happening, there are and there were good times, too. Grief can help you to remember those good times much more clearly than you might have otherwise. Focus on the happy traditions, memories, and other good aspects.

Let Yourself Experience Your Grief

If you’re trying to stuff your grief into a box that you don’t have to deal with just yet, you’ve probably already discovered that it hops out of that box when you least expect it to do so. A better solution is to allow yourself to experience your grief for what it is. As you learn to do that, you’ll find that you’re more able to work through it rather than shoving it to the side.

Grief Is a Journey, Just Like Caregiving

Much like caregiving itself, grief and working through grief is a journey. It’s never the same from one day to another and there are stages you’ll go through. If you can accept that managing your grief is a process, you’ll be better able to tolerate the fact that you’re going to have good days and bad days. While grief is inherently a sad process, you won’t necessarily be sad the entire time.

Talk to Someone

Keeping your feelings inside doesn’t really help much, although it can also be difficult to open up to someone else. Find a friend or family member with whom you can relate easily and talk about your grief. Sometimes even the action of opening up a little bit about what you’re feeling is enough to help you work through those emotions.

Remember that end-of-life care providers are especially prepared to help you and other family members learn to deal with grief. Accept the help that they can offer you in your time of need.

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