Hospice Care in Yardley PA: How Can You Avoid Transitioning to Hospice Care Too Late?

Hospice Care in Yardley PA: How Can You Avoid Transitioning to Hospice Care Too Late?

Many family members and caregivers hear the term hospice and think automatically that it means that the end is imminent for their aging adult. Because of that fact, you and the rest of your family might put off the talk about hospice care until much later than you really should.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

You’ve likely built a strong relationship with your elderly family member’s doctor, but it’s definitely important to focus on her prognosis and what her doctor has to say about her future health and well-being. Terminal ailments are ones that are going to be with your aging adult from now until the very end. Managing them well before that time can do so much for your elderly family member and for you.

Focus on Quality of Life

Very often the focus when caregivers and family members are considering hospice care is how long their elderly family member has left. The focus really should be on your senior’s quality of life. If her daily experience is one that isn’t all that great because she feels as if she’s constantly being poked and prodded to no avail, that’s not a fantastic quality of life. Shift your focus to consider how enjoyable life is for her now.

Address Activities of Daily Living

Once your elderly family member starts having difficulty with activities of daily living, those issues are likely to become worse instead of better. So if your senior is having trouble rising from a seated position, showering, or feeding herself, hospice providers can be a tremendous help.

Severe Symptoms Need Help Sooner

The more severe that your senior’s symptoms are, the sooner she may need to move to hospice services. Some of the symptoms you really should consider could include trouble breathing, pain, and difficulty moving. Talk to your aging adult about how these symptoms impact her daily and work out whether hospice could be the right direction.

There’s no perfect time to move to hospice care, so don’t worry that you’re making a wrong decision. Just focus on making the best decisions possible for your elderly family member.

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