Who Is Part of Your Family Member's Hospice Team?

Who Is Part of Your Family Member’s Hospice Team?

It’s understandable if you don’t know right away who is part of your family member’s hospice team. Quite often the team grows or changes as your family member’s needs change. Having an idea who to expect to be part of the team can help you quite a bit.

Her Medical Team

Your family member’s medical team doesn’t abandon her once she makes the move to hospice. They’re still available for her, but they’re likely less hands-on than they may have been in the past. Your family member may check in with her medical team now and again or they may simply check in with the hospice providers as needed.

Social Workers, Psychologists, and Spiritual Advisers

There are a lot of different emotions and emotional reactions involved in the hospice scenario. Having social workers, mental health care practitioners, and even spiritual advisers as part of your family member’s hospice team allows you to cover all of those bases for her and for other family members.

Nurses, Physical Therapists, and Volunteers

Nurses are likely to be your family member’s primary hospice care providers. They’re the ones who check in with your family member and ensure that the plan is going the way that it should. If physical therapy would help your family member, they’ll stop by, too. Volunteers might stop by to offer companionship and general assistance where needed.

Other Treatment Providers

Depending on your family member’s health concerns, other treatment providers might be necessary. Respiratory therapists, for example, would be a big part of your family member’s care team if she had COPD or other lung issues. You might also consider other therapies to help reach your family member, such as music therapy or art therapy.

Other Family Members

All the members of your family are a part of the care team, too. They’re just as important because they care about your family member and want the best for her in her time of need. Try to set up a schedule that allows family members to stop by for visits without being overwhelming for everyone concerned.

Your family member’s team may vary from this list, depending on her individual needs. As her needs change, her current list may also change.

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