How Do Your Senior’s Doctors Know How Much Time She Has?A common concern that friends and family may share as your senior’s health worsens can be that of how much time she has left before she passes away. Her doctors are the best source of information for that answer, but how accurate is that information going to be?

It’s Not an Exact Determination

As skilled as your senior’s doctors are, there’s no way that they can give you or your senior an exact answer about how much time she has left. There are estimations that her doctors can give you, though. These are based on your senior’s medical history, how she’s doing currently, and the types of treatments she’s interested in continuing.

Treatment Choices Matter

Your senior may have been undergoing curative treatments for a while, particularly if she has been battling long-term illnesses like cancer. In so many cases, those curative treatments can feel as traumatic as the illness itself for your senior. She may opt to discontinue curative treatments in favor of staying at home and choosing comfort care instead. That can have an impact on the amount of time she has left.

End-of-life Care Helps

Choosing end-of-life care gives your senior an opportunity to access assistance with pain management, nausea, and other issues that can plague her at the end of her life. She’s also able to access assistance with the psychological and spiritual aspects of nearing the end of her life. They can also help you and other family members to deal with what you’re experiencing as people who love your senior.

Talk to Your Senior about What She Wants

If you and your elderly family member haven’t had a chance to discuss what she wants care at the end of her life to look like, it might not be too late. Try broaching the topic with her and pay attention to both what she says and what she doesn’t say. She may be able to communicate a great deal more than you expect about how she wants to spend her remaining days and weeks.

What you can do is help your senior to be as comfortable and as happy as possible with the time that she does have left, no matter how much time that is. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you venture through this process, too. That’s going to help you to be as supportive of your senior as you can possibly be.

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