Hospice Care in Bensalem PA: Four Ways to Deal with Bad Health News about Your SeniorAs your elderly family member grows older, the bad health news that you receive might be some of the worst news you’ve had yet about her health. In many cases, the news is often that her situation is terminal. That becomes a crisis for you and for other family members as they try to grapple with what’s happening now.

Acknowledge that This News Is Awful

People get terrible health news every day, but you may not have ever heard from a family member that they’re in a terminal situation. Instead of telling yourself to pull yourself together, allow yourself to admit that this is terrible news. If you’re angry, sad, or any other emotion, that’s okay. You’re going to experience a great many emotions about what’s happening and they’re all valid.

Make Sure to Let Family Members Know

You’re in a unique situation as your elderly family member’s family caregiver. You hear about what’s going on with your elderly family member’s health pretty quickly and usually right from the source. Other family members may not be that lucky in terms of how and when they get information about what’s going on. Don’t forget to let them know what’s happening. That’s easy to do when you’re deep in the feelings of the moment.

Anticipatory Grief May Start Now

Anticipatory grief is the grief that you experience before an event occurs. In this case, you’re experiencing grief about your senior’s death before she’s actually passed away. Because you’re getting the news now that she’s facing a terminal situation, you and other family members are likely to start experiencing anticipatory grief now rather than later.

It Might Be Time for Help from Hospice Care Services

When you get help from hospice care now, you’re going to have the support that you need to deal with what’s happening. Hospice providers can help your elderly family member with the practical aspects of her health needs. They can also help you and other family members to find the resources that you need in order to cope with what’s happening.

Hearing that your elderly family member’s health issues are terminal is not something that you want to face at any point, really. But addressing the situation head on is going to allow you to at least make some plans and to do what she needs at the end of her life. Hospice services can help you to do that with less strife.

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